I cant believe it's been so long.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Well it's the 11th of January and we've had the flu invade the house for a solid week. The upside. I had it much shorter then my poor husband did.
I hope everyone made it through the holidays. The end of September started off promising and kinda fell apart with both my husband and myself each having a parent in the hospital. I didn't get to do much crafting for myself for the holidays or baking either but I just kinda went with the flow of things and figured sometimes things don"t go as planned especially when you have have to start helping out with your aging parents. 

We did have a couple of major milestones during the fall holiday season. Just before Thanksgiving I discovered that my "baby kitty" could climb our fence to make his escape out of the back yard.

And, we did get the drywall completed two weeks before Thanksgiving so we were able to have both of our families at our house for dinner, all set up in our unfinished living room on folding tables. It went by too fast.

The first weekend in December we had snow which is a bit unusual for here in Northern California but it was beautiful.
That's about it for now. I do have a couple of posts all ready to go for the next week or so . I'll show you guys the cute little stick pins I did for a swap just before Thanksgiving and then a small quilling project I did for another swap as well. In the meantime I'm gonna take a little nap and hope to be back at 100% soon.