Happy New Year!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Morning and Happy New Year!  Ok, I know it's not New Years Day technically. But it's my birthday and I like to use my birthday to start my resolutions. I figure I've half heartedly started at least one resolution at the beginning of the year probably already stopped or my enthusiasium has totally flagged on something so it's my party I can start new resolutions if I want too. LOL

I have a couple of broad categories, not specific resolutions. #1 is  to my health. In the last 18 months or so I've done three big things. Got married, my husband and I started a new (thriving) business and we moved into our house. All good things but stressful, lets face it. All three of those things are a work in process but the house more so than anything. It was slated to be condemned when we got it and it's a major, from the studs up remodel. We're are living in the completed basement apartment while we work on the main living area. So I need to be kinder and take better care of myself. You know, eat better, get more exercise  get regular haircuts. (I am so bad about that :-) )Wear more dresses!

Which brings me to #2 finish my current projects. They just keep multiplying like bunnies.

In the next day or so I'm going to sort my projects, see exactly how many I have and get them on my calendar for working on them and getting them done. Along with that I'm going to be doing more documenting (blogging) of what I'm working on with links to finished projects going up on my Pinterest Board. What better way to keep track of a big goal.

The first project I'll finish is the apron I'm working on. My DH got me two great additions to my craft room at Christmas. My little Singer sewing machine and a Silhouette Cameo! That man is the best.

I currently have my material out, my pattern pinned and I'm ready to start cutting. Hopefully I'll have a cute little apron by the end of the week. This may also help in my goal to wear more dresses and skirts as I'm enrolled in a sewing class.( Can we say sewing assignments.) My fingers are crossed.
Then we have the Cameo, sitting and waiting patiently for creativity to strike. I have a couple of things line up for in in the next couple of weeks as well.

In the meantime I will not start anything new, or purchase anything to start something new.I swear! My craft room stash is about to swallow our little living space. But. In the spirit of full disclosure I do have two things in the mail winging their way to me. A small charm pack quilt kit. (to practice sewing  straight lines I swear!!!) and this little beauty...
The New Anna Griffin Cuttlebug set that was on HSN last week. It should be here today and I can hardly wait.

On that note, off to the salt mines. I can't play if I don't get my chores done and on Mondays that means invoicing our customers. Hoep everyone has a good day and I'll be back soon.