Saturday, April 19, 2014

Diamonds and Pearls

Happy Easter Saturday everyone. I hope everyone has some great plans for the holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to spending some time with my family at the new home of my Niece. At 18 is the first time she's hosted a family holiday and needless to say she's a little nervous. It should be fun.

Today I've got another set of stick pins that I made for the Stick Pin swap group over at Mini Album Scraps. I know that some people wonder why someone would choose to do projects like this. I have to say I just love how pretty the pins are and I do like pretty and I love seeing what everyone else is doing.

I also like that one of the requirements is the presentation piece that is made for them. It makes me stretch my creative imagination and really work on techniques. My biggest problem is that I think it take me forever to come up with a basic idea and then determining the papers or materials and embellishments to fill the project out. This time in conjunction with a horrible work week I had issues with the cut files I used that were of my own making. There is nothing worse then having a piece of very special paper and not wanting to ruin it so it takes some trial and error to get things just right before cutting.

Again, I'm working on my lighting skills. One day I'll get figure out a set up that lights everything up beautifully on a consistent basis. I have a feeling it's going to come in the form of the light in my upstairs office.

My inspiration for this was from a post earlier this week over at Craftin' Chaos. I loved the little favor box she used and went to the Silhouette Online Store to locate a similar box as her file was not available. You can find it here.  I used Close to My Heart card stock  for the base of my box. I love it, it cuts great and is wonderful to work with. The awesome silver leopard spot paper is by Anna Griffin and embellishments for the box are all Close to My Heart.

The glitter card stock I used was from the DCWV Twinkle Glints 6X6 stack and it's backed with CTMH White Daisy card stock and the grey ribbon was from my stash.

The lighting stinks but I used pearl flourishes on the box along with sparkles. The theme was Diamonds and Pearls after all and what girl wouldn't love to receive a blinged out box of pretty pins.

I think these little boxes would be great for giving small gifts so you may see more in the future.  I hope you enjoyed this and we'll see you next time!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Playing with Color part 1

I'm in the middle of a couple of projects. The first one is in a couple of separate pieces so I thought I'd show you what I've done so far. But first a little background. We've moved the office for our business into our home for the time being and we are using my future walk in closet for the space. Because this will be a bright airy closet sometime down the line not just an office I wanted it to look nice, not just four pale grey walls. (Actually Abalone Shell, lol.) I decided to stencil one of the walls but I'll show you that down the road. I was halfway finished when the move happened so I need to get back up and get it finished.

In the meantime, one of the "features" in the office/closet is the electrical panel that sits right in my face. I don't really want to have to look at it every minute I'm in there and since we cant really cover it that I figured a picture, cork board or something could go over it. Hey, it's removable right?  We brought one large cork board from the old location. It's really pretty ugly too, so I decided to cover and frame it. I had hubby make a picture frame for me with left over moulding from the framing of the windows in the room and I had something special in mind for the covering of the board.

I decided that since the theme of the office is pretty much grey, from the walls and trim to the file cabinets and my desk that I needed something that had some color. I could have gone and picked up a pretty piece of material but I thought I'd use stuff from my stash and stencil some basic lightweight duck or canvas material that I'd picked up for some reason I just don't remember. I've been ordering stencils from Royal Design Studio for my walls and in my last order I received a cute little Blossom Flower Stencil. I decided to use that and my stash of Luminarte Silks make some beautiful material for covering the board.

I love, love love these!  I used 5 different colors; Golden Monarch for all the centers. Then Carmen, Persimmon, and Ginger Peach for the majority of the flowers with a little bit of Wine and Roses thrown in.
Generally you want to use the Silks on material that has been prewashed or with a fabric medium to make sure the paint will be permanent but I'm not planning on it getting wet so I figured I could just take my chances without. I cut the material and ironed it then used my ironing board for the stenciling since it was the perfect height to work on. I used foam sponges and daubers for the paint and started stenciling. Other than deciding whcih color I wanted to use  It was easy peasy.
After the paint had dried I re-ironed it on the back side of the material to sort of did a heat set on the paint. The colors are not eye popping bright but I think after I get everything together it will still give a nice pop of color on the wall. I'll show off the finished project as soon as I get the whole thing put together. What do you think so far?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

YPP Christmas Card Challenge

I know I've been gone again. Life happened, and all I have to say I'm free!!! Lots has been going on and I finally finally finally had a chance to do some crafting.
First up are the cards I did for the March Christmas Card Challenge over at Your Paper Pantry. Finished by the skin of my teeth I tell you. I've been playing fill in for the car pool for my brother and sister in law since Thanksgiving.
So without further ado the cards...

I know the lighting is atrocious. Sorry, I've got to get a handle on that and apparently pictures taken on my subterranean craft room on a gloomy afternnon don't help.
Fro this challenge we were supposed to use die cuts and I used a Stocking from the Shaped Christmas Card Kit for my cut. Then with a little help from an Anny Griffin Feathers embossing folder I added some texture.
You cnabt tell in the picture but the ornaments are sparkling from a small amount of Tim Holtz dry glitter in Clear Rockl Candy.
I hope you guys like them.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I cant believe it's been so long.

Well it's the 11th of January and we've had the flu invade the house for a solid week. The upside. I had it much shorter then my poor husband did.
I hope everyone made it through the holidays. The end of September started off promising and kinda fell apart with both my husband and myself each having a parent in the hospital. I didn't get to do much crafting for myself for the holidays or baking either but I just kinda went with the flow of things and figured sometimes things don"t go as planned especially when you have have to start helping out with your aging parents. 

We did have a couple of major milestones during the fall holiday season. Just before Thanksgiving I discovered that my "baby kitty" could climb our fence to make his escape out of the back yard.

And, we did get the drywall completed two weeks before Thanksgiving so we were able to have both of our families at our house for dinner, all set up in our unfinished living room on folding tables. It went by too fast.

The first weekend in December we had snow which is a bit unusual for here in Northern California but it was beautiful.
That's about it for now. I do have a couple of posts all ready to go for the next week or so . I'll show you guys the cute little stick pins I did for a swap just before Thanksgiving and then a small quilling project I did for another swap as well. In the meantime I'm gonna take a little nap and hope to be back at 100% soon.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My DIY Chair Cushion Redo

Well I've not posted in a little bit and unfortunately it's not because I'm just slacking and doing something fun. I'm not saying I have been totally devoid of fun during the month of September, I have not. I have been however, really swamped in my office. I've had thoughts, dreams and ideas galore and no time at all to be a maker. Sadness.
I did however just this morning finish a project for my Mamcita. She's had these chairs in her living room for ages. I didn't know where she got them but we've been sitting on them for years. Apparently they are part of a Drexel Heritage dining room set that she gave to my younger brother when we were in our twenties and someone has the table and chairs but it's not my brother.
The original color was a vibrant emerald green metallic I believe which was then covered in a red velvet. My mom had a roll of vintage upholstery material that she wanted to use but to cover these but we deemed it too brittle after 30 years of sitting in her garage with very poor temperature control. So. We headed to JoAnn's and hit the discontinues/remnant rack and found this beautiful velvet type material with blues and greys in it. I grabbed a yard and a half to be on the safe side and blammo! It was on sale. I got out of there with a beautiful piece of upholstery fabric for four dollars and fifty cents.

I didn't go through the blow by blow in the diy process. There are enough of them out there. I did however want to say, when you are working on a chair bottom that has notches for the seat to fit around the pieces of the back, really think through how you are going to cut those notches. I struggled with them and the overall project was ridiculously simple. They were irritating.

In the picture above you can see how grey the material looks. In the photo below put back together and sitting happily in my mom's place it looks much bluer but the color is still subtle.

Overall, I'm really tickled with how they turned out. I didn't add any extra padding to the chairs and I think they could have used it but heck it's still a nice looking chair and still very comfortable.
So tell me, how did I do?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Card for the Birthday Boy

Today is my younger brother's birthday. Apparently I'm not allowed to call him my "baby" brother because that causes teasing and such over at his house with his kids. LOL. So, in honor of the younger bro, last night, we had a nice dinner with his family at my mom's. She pulled out all the stops and did a yummy dinner for us along with peach cobbler for after. And. As if we were not already stuffed enough, I made vanilla bean ice cream that was pretty darn divine to go with the cobbler.

Oh and a card, I did make a card.. He said  it was so nicely done that he almost thought it was store bought. Ha ha, it was not.

On the outside of the card I used all Close To My Heart BT Duo papers from the retired Dakota paper pack. Plus, the Cricut Artiste cartridge for the fancy label cuts the car is sitting on, and one of the stamps from the new Cricut Artbooking set that CTMH has. ( I was working my stash LOL) Oh and what else? Whisper card stock along with Pacifica ink.

I really loved how the whisper made the car look silvery. The car itself, arrows, and other embellishments are from the Hot Off the Press Vintage Car Dazzles. I mounted the car onto whisper card stock, cut it out used some gold and silver Smooch Inks for some of the cars details then I popped it up off the background with some foam squares from my stash. I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo or not but I achieved a pretty cool drop shadow effect from first stamping the card with the Indian Corn Blue ink and then stamping just off center with the Pacifica ink. Thank goodness for the clear My Acrylix Blocks that allow you to see where you are stamping.

I also did a bit on the inside, I think it make it look more finished. The inside also has a label cut from the Artiste cartridge as well inked with Indian Corn Blue pigment ink from the Enchantment mini pigment pad set and the (slightly crooked) bottom strip is one of the "innies" from the dazzle sheet.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, I'd love to hear from everyone. Talk to you soon.
And just in case he happens to see this. Happy Birthday JB.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Paper Flowers for MAS

Well I'm back. Been on a little bit of a vacation with my husband and a bunch of my sister in laws. My husband is the oldest of 7 and his second sister (of 5) turned 40 and we took a little jaunt to Las Vegas to celebrate. We had a great time, with some yummy food, great laughs, a little gambling and some of the best summer weather anyone could ask for if taking a trip to Sin City. Although we really were not gone that long I didn't plan and schedule a blog post ahead of time.I am getting better about this stuff though.

Anyhow, I'm home and I've been making again. I guess the thing that I needed to kick me into gear for getting projects done is belonging to the great group over at Mini Album Scraps, MAS. It really is a great bunch of guys and gals over there and I have really been stretching my creativity doing things for the swaps I've been joining.
I just send off my contribution to the flower swap we had and well, the picture below just does not do justice to the flowers. I was tickled with how all of them turned out. I must admit though that I kinda went nuts with the Tim Holtz/Sizzix, Tattered Floral die.

I used it for three of my flowers and I have more incarnations of flowers planned. Muahahahahaha (sinister evil laugh echos through the craft room...) It is however one of the best and quickest ways to throw cute flowers together. The other thing is you can use different materials to get different kinds of flowers. I used mod podged burlap for the bottom center flower, an old book/pages for another and then coffee filters for one. I love them ALL. Top flower on that bunch is a simple ribbon flower. If you have any questions about how I threw them together give me a holler.
Also wanted to mention, I'm in a class over at called "How to Bloom Your Blog." I'm learning some digital skills so I can update my blog and do some other nifty digital artsy things. So if you pop in and find it looking a bit different I'm working on the blog.
Talk to ya soon.