Flower Number Two

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ok, short post today. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and we have a few hours before it may thunderstorm again. I've got oodles of lawn to finish mowing, (Again) So, I'm gonna make hay while the sun still shines, so to speak. 
I've just been working my way through my paper flower book and here is the second flower variety I've managed to complete. I can't say I've "mastered" the techniques yet but I'm certainly getting more comfortable with them. So the next flower was the water Lilly style Dahlia. There are three dahlia style flowers and this was just really fun to do. It's much larger than the first rose, but then again in real life they ARE bigger than most roses. I love it! I'm gonna see if I can't get a couple of flowers done later today after chores, and I have a cute little Easter treat I need to finish for my mom's kids at school. I should be pretty busy this afternoon. If I get that finished I'll post it as well.


  1. Beautiful flower, it looks real!!

  2. So very beautiful!!!

  3. Lovely Flower..am ur new follower of ur blog. U r welcome to my blog