Beautiful Paper Flowers

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well I have another paper obsession. It started with the beautiful punch flowers I've been noticing in the last six months or so. I was refusing to break down and buy punches. After ordering a paper blossom hair comb from The Crimson Poppy for a wedding accessory I couldn't take it any more. I'd fully intended to order a punch or two since I was sure there was no way I'd be able to make anything nearly as nice as her flowers.

 Then I found this!

This is an awesome kit by Laurie Cinotto who is an artist up in the Seattle area. I literally ran across this on my way out of Barnes & Noble on Saturday and had to have it. (Did I mention that my honey bought it for me, wonderful guy that he is?)  This is the most awesome kit and Laurie did a great job putting it together and it's new on the shelves there as it was just released on March 25th. There is a very detailed book along with floral tape, stamens, floral wires and  the most gorgeous crepe paper.It's not your dollar a roll party supply stuff this is nice with a great texture and it makes beautiful flowers. If you are interested you can order this directly from Laurie's website which is really pretty or I'm sure you can find it in your local B&N.

 So, here's my first flower!

 Not too bad for skipping over part of  the directions on technique. And Yes, this is in my car. I was waiting for my fiance to finish with the evil dentist. It does take a bit of time and really takes a bit of practice. Needless to say, lack of technique means a flower that won't withstand being messed with for very long and I think I need to rebind it.
 This is my second flower. I made this with the scraps from the first flower. I really didn't want to waste any of that wonderful paper. This time I also went back and reviewed the details on the techniques and got a far sturdier flower. Apparently that's what happens when you follow directions. ;-P I know this picture isn't too great, I was having a difficult time focusing.
This is the same rose as above. I wanted you guys to get a good idea of what the size was comparatively speaking. Now, I'm going to go back and redo my first rose so that I can get the petals so they  won't fall out. Then I'm going to work on another flower. Somehow I think the rose may be the easiest.


  1. Thanks so much for writing this post! I'm excited to see you gave it a try! Nice work!!! Yes, the rose is easiest, but really, the rest aren't too challenging, either. You can do it!

    Thanks for spreading the word!

    Laurie Cinotto

  2. I am so impressed!!! It combines my 2 loves! paper crafting and floral...anything floral really! have a wedding on the 30th then my life will again be my own! I will def try this!!! ~Christen~