My DIY Chair Cushion Redo

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Well I've not posted in a little bit and unfortunately it's not because I'm just slacking and doing something fun. I'm not saying I have been totally devoid of fun during the month of September, I have not. I have been however, really swamped in my office. I've had thoughts, dreams and ideas galore and no time at all to be a maker. Sadness.
I did however just this morning finish a project for my Mamcita. She's had these chairs in her living room for ages. I didn't know where she got them but we've been sitting on them for years. Apparently they are part of a Drexel Heritage dining room set that she gave to my younger brother when we were in our twenties and someone has the table and chairs but it's not my brother.
The original color was a vibrant emerald green metallic I believe which was then covered in a red velvet. My mom had a roll of vintage upholstery material that she wanted to use but to cover these but we deemed it too brittle after 30 years of sitting in her garage with very poor temperature control. So. We headed to JoAnn's and hit the discontinues/remnant rack and found this beautiful velvet type material with blues and greys in it. I grabbed a yard and a half to be on the safe side and blammo! It was on sale. I got out of there with a beautiful piece of upholstery fabric for four dollars and fifty cents.

I didn't go through the blow by blow in the diy process. There are enough of them out there. I did however want to say, when you are working on a chair bottom that has notches for the seat to fit around the pieces of the back, really think through how you are going to cut those notches. I struggled with them and the overall project was ridiculously simple. They were irritating.

In the picture above you can see how grey the material looks. In the photo below put back together and sitting happily in my mom's place it looks much bluer but the color is still subtle.

Overall, I'm really tickled with how they turned out. I didn't add any extra padding to the chairs and I think they could have used it but heck it's still a nice looking chair and still very comfortable.
So tell me, how did I do?


  1. You have not posted in a while...hope everything is ok with you and yours.