Valentines Treats

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cutest Treat Tubes EVER!
I was even able to dress up the tops of the tube caps.
Did everyone have a good Valentines Day?  My day ended well. Chinese take out and DH got me the cutest little "Cat" necklace which is so appropriate as my nick name to a bunch of my online friends is Kat. I, on the other hand sat my behind down a few days ago and did a digital scrapbook of our first year of marriage for my husband at Shutterfly with the Digital Project Life Templates
Then I printed the book and had it sent to delivered. It turned out really great and he was thrilled and I was very pleased with the results. It was kinda like getting a school yearbook and made me realize that going digital (or hybrid) is actually easier than I thought.
Then, I made 24 of these cute little boxes with treat tubes for my mom to use at her discretion. (Being a good daughter I was.)  I thought she'd use them to give to kid in her reading room at school or something but I think she gave them out to teaches instead. They were really fun to make after I narrowed down the design elements. I started off my project thinking that I was going to do something very different and elaborate for each of the four colors. I was so wrong... I used the Close to My Heart, Whooo's Your Valentine Kit that I snagged when I had an opportunity.  They were very well received from what I understand although I believe she gave them out to the teachers. It's probably because the treat tubes are VERY generous. I think a 16 ounce bag of M&M's filled half a dozen tubes. The treat tubes are available through CTMH and although the kit came with the boxes, they are not selling those. BUT, if you have a Cricut, I do have a cut file available using the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge that I will make available.  I'm thinking these would be really cute for wedding or shower favors...  I may have to make some just to see.

Well two projects down and I can now get the next one going.

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