My First TP Roll Mini Album

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I've been busy, busy like a crafting fool. Hopefully I can get posts in to show what I have been doing.

Lets start with the latest thing and work my way backwards. I decided to join a couple of groups with hopes of meeting some talented crafty people, making some new friends and learning some things and actually producing something. First place I joined was Mini Album Scraps (MAS), I figured if it was about mini albums I might actually do something with all that crafting goodness I've been stashing away in in my craft room. Now don't get me wrong, I think scrapbooks are nice but heck, I have a major creators block when it comes to doing a layout. They are NOT my forte. But mini albums...they are beautiful, creative pieces of art. Ok, so are large layouts,  but they seem easier, more manageable, something I can actually wrap my head around. And I don't necessarily have to put pictures in at the time I'm doing them. That makes my life infinitely easier if I'm not trying to shove photos into my creativity.

So I'm looking through the swaps available and I see "Toilet Paper Roll Mini Swap" and my head starts spinning. I have been saving tp rolls for quite a while, for what exactly I'm not sure but I knew I might use them for something. Quilling a home decor something maybe, but I had them nonetheless. I was in, and I'm done. and I really hope it manages to meet expectations.
I learned several things. First of all, apparently I love to make embellishments, and if you are doing something like this it's a good idea to have your embellishments completed and together before you start. Also, have more then you think you are going to need. Maybe you can tell from the picture, but my album is a bit on the chunky side. I don't think "flat" is in my repertoire. Below are some of the pages that were in my mini. All of the paper used to cover the tp rolls were from the  Close to My Heart "La Belle Vie " paper pack. The same paper pack was used to make the majority of the embellishments. All the ribbon fibers I've had in my stash but the black and mauve lace and  velvet ribbon used along with my bling I picked up at Michael's a few weeks back in the dollar bins. They were perfect!

I'm really happy with the way it turned out overall but I know where my improvements will be on the next one and I have tp rolls being flattened as we speak!!! Also, I think one of the requirements of the MAS group is to video and upload to YouTube when we get our swaps. I need to check, if thats the case I'll be adding some video.
Let me know what you guys think.

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  1. the album is gorgeous, love all the embelishments. and the tags are beautiful, like the idea you used TP rolls, awesome !!!!