Addition to the Craft Room

Sunday, July 14, 2013

So a few of you know that my husband and I are in the middle of a major remodel on our very old house. We have one of the few in ground basements in Northern California per our building inspector and we have completely overhauled it and made it basically into a 722 sq ft apartment and that's where we are living. When we finish the main living area  and move UP it will be a spare bedroom, my craft room and possible a man cave/second spare room, and I will have two kitchens!!!!

But until recently the Craft Room/Dining Room/Office looked like this, and this is just one side of it.

The messy, unorganized right side of the room. Look at that poor used of space.

The red chair was my Darling Husband's "gaming chair." He picked it up along with a sofa, love seat and ottoman a couple years back for a hundred bucks when he broke his leg. But I digress. He decided that if I had more storage it might look less cluttered because I'd have someplace besides the table to put things. He also said the chair was hard to get in and out of and if we put counter with a work station spot in he could set his computer game stuff there. If I didnt mind. (Of course not, lol)
Table on the "other" side of the room.

So we picked out a counter and cabinet from our local Home Depot.
Of course I had to DIY the cabinet before it could come downstairs.

I chalk painted and stenciled the cabinets, using Royal Design Studio's Lovely Lace Furniture Stencil and Behr paints that I made into chalk paint after reading Diane's post on how to do so here. The particular piece above my honey fitted with casters so it rolls out and it cleverly hides our storage cupboard under the stairs.
I love the teal it goes well with the sunny yellow in our downstairs and it goes well with "cat" also. Here's my helper Ace he really felt like he needed to be a part of the project. Thank goodness the paint dries fast and being the end of May when I was working on this it was rather warm.
Here's the grand reveal after the install.

I still would like to put hardware on the drawers and  doors but we havent picked those out yet. I aslo need to take a few minutes and rub the piece down with wax to finish the process to protect my investment. But for now I'm really loving this, it's got a great place for my Scrap Rack over in the far corner and my honey says he's happier at his new gaming spot.


  1. Coming from Mini Album Scraps, and taking a peek at your creative space! LOVE how you've done the cabinets!! The pattern, and love that color on the white! Happy scrapping and crafting!!! ~tina

  2. Love the final result..and looks like your cat also love it. Jijiji. Hi I am a MAS member too. Nice to meet you.
    I was laughing because my scrap space looks a bit like your sometimes!! Oh wait a minute...I don't even have a space for crafts...I use my dinning table. What my dear..enjoy your space...;-) XOXO