Altered Dominoes

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Well I've been crafty. LOL. I have seen pieces of jewelry and teeny tiny scrap books made with altered dominoes so I thought I'd try my hand at altering one of these tiles. Actually I did 3 over the course of a couple of weeks. I'm not quite ready for heavy duty alteration just yet or doing the little book. I thought I should work my way up. Here's a couple of views of the three together. I was trying to get a good shot and I see I still need some practice with the camera. I'm mostly happy with how they turned out. I think I need to work on keeping the air bubbles and renegade strands of cat fur out of my Glossy Accents though.

The first domino I used my Sakura Micron pens on and then thought I'd throw some Ranger Alcohol Inks along with a couple of gear "Dazzles" from Hot of the Press. Oh and a random rhinestone. I think the colors are a little dark although I love the combination. Of course, I have a couple air bubbles in there that make me crazy.

The center domino I used Sharpies. Yup. Sharpies! I picked up a pack of "80's Colors" at the local Office Max a couple of months back and got a great package of 24 colors including brown and the standard black. They also have a fine tip which was good but quite as good as my Sakura's for detail, but I was still able to get my Zentangeling on. I tell ya it's kinda hard working on such a small canvas but I also find it very relaxing and therapeutic. You cant really tell from any of the pictures but I also doodled around the sides with two toned swirls. I had the intention of putting a small flat back rhinestone in the center of each of them and sealing the sides with Glossy Accents as well but I haven't figured out which steps to do that in and I find that handling the domino after inking it tends to fade (or rub off) the colors before I seal them. Again, I have a couple of air bubbles up top and a single piece of bling down in the bottom corner.

This last domino is actually the first one I completed the day my dominoes showed up in the mail. I whipped out my Sakura Pens and went to town doing a Zentangle doodle. Now technically Zentangle is not supposed to take more than say 15 minutes or so, but I think this took me about an hour. Again working with such a tiny "canvas" I really took my time. I need to work on my "Tangle" techniques as well because I LOVE the graphic look of the black and white.
Tell me what you think. Has anyone else out there altered any dominoes? I know they just finished an Altered Domino swap over at MAS and the pieces are georgeous. Check them out.

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