An Addiction Is Born

Thursday, August 15, 2013

...and I really think I've lost my mind.  Seriously. My name is Felica and I'm an addict. No pictures today just a vent on my addiction.

 It's no suprise that I like crafting of all sorts. I can get totally engrossed in blog hopping and checking out techniques and projects. Drooling over all the different things made (by very talented crafters) from paper, beads, paint and materials of all sorts and my list of things I want to try just grows and grows. I think the real problem is that I just want to make pretty things for myself and other people. I know people that ask me "why" all the time. If I say I'm working on some project it's as if it has to be for something specific. Can we make beautiful things for no other purpose at all but just to make someone happy (hopefully).

Anyhow. I've been making pin cushions and stick pins. And more pin cushions. And flowers. Paper flowers. Bead flowers. Lace and fabric flowers. Burlap flowers. Last week I was at JoAnn's 4 times. I've hit the GoodWill store twice looking for, well, several things. Friday I came out of there with a couple of cute tea cups (for pin cushions) and a cami top specifically for the puropse of cutting up and using as the cushion part of said pin cushions. My first visit there netted me a couple pieces of drapery sheers (for fabric flowers) and a top with the most beautiful lace that I immediatly removed from the garment and put away for some future project, only because it's a bit to wide for pin cushion embellishments. *heavy sigh*

I've also been hitting eBay. Really, I was just only looking (I swear)
 until Thursday when I did a search for vintage lace and found a listing for a "lot" of beautiful laces from an estate sale. Yup, I bid, won, and got a VERY great deal. Now I've started stalking my mail man. It's a sad, sad, thing. As soon as I get it I'll get some photos of my haul, then a post of my las MAS swap.
Talk to you soon.

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  1. Found you from MAS...and I had to laugh because it sounds too familiar! The folks at Goodwill roll their eyes because I'm in there so often, and I live 1 mile from Joann's so let's not talk about how much I'm in there..... :) Enjoying your blog!