Playing with Color part 1

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm in the middle of a couple of projects. The first one is in a couple of separate pieces so I thought I'd show you what I've done so far. But first a little background. We've moved the office for our business into our home for the time being and we are using my future walk in closet for the space. Because this will be a bright airy closet sometime down the line not just an office I wanted it to look nice, not just four pale grey walls. (Actually Abalone Shell, lol.) I decided to stencil one of the walls but I'll show you that down the road. I was halfway finished when the move happened so I need to get back up and get it finished.

In the meantime, one of the "features" in the office/closet is the electrical panel that sits right in my face. I don't really want to have to look at it every minute I'm in there and since we cant really cover it that I figured a picture, cork board or something could go over it. Hey, it's removable right?  We brought one large cork board from the old location. It's really pretty ugly too, so I decided to cover and frame it. I had hubby make a picture frame for me with left over moulding from the framing of the windows in the room and I had something special in mind for the covering of the board.

I decided that since the theme of the office is pretty much grey, from the walls and trim to the file cabinets and my desk that I needed something that had some color. I could have gone and picked up a pretty piece of material but I thought I'd use stuff from my stash and stencil some basic lightweight duck or canvas material that I'd picked up for some reason I just don't remember. I've been ordering stencils from Royal Design Studio for my walls and in my last order I received a cute little Blossom Flower Stencil. I decided to use that and my stash of Luminarte Silks make some beautiful material for covering the board.

I love, love love these!  I used 5 different colors; Golden Monarch for all the centers. Then Carmen, Persimmon, and Ginger Peach for the majority of the flowers with a little bit of Wine and Roses thrown in.
Generally you want to use the Silks on material that has been prewashed or with a fabric medium to make sure the paint will be permanent but I'm not planning on it getting wet so I figured I could just take my chances without. I cut the material and ironed it then used my ironing board for the stenciling since it was the perfect height to work on. I used foam sponges and daubers for the paint and started stenciling. Other than deciding whcih color I wanted to use  It was easy peasy.
After the paint had dried I re-ironed it on the back side of the material to sort of did a heat set on the paint. The colors are not eye popping bright but I think after I get everything together it will still give a nice pop of color on the wall. I'll show off the finished project as soon as I get the whole thing put together. What do you think so far?

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