#19 In the Next Year, I Will...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Here's my current installment on the 30 Days of Lists. I'm a little behind, especially since I didnt start the "Lists" till the 15th or so but I'm plunging in not just dipping a toe. So here goes my list for today.

In the Next Year, I Will...

#1 Help plan a wedding for my best friend.
#2 Help Plan a baby shower for my niece.
#3 Get a new bed.
#4 Pick PERFECT paint colors and paint the main floor of my house.
#5 Take more pictures. (An put more up!)
#6 Have two characters at level 50 in SWTOR
#7 Be healthier, which is always an ongoing project here at our house.
#8 Learn to be a finisher. (I'm starting here, 20 minutes and I think I'm done.)

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