Hot Air Balloon #1

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well upside down to finish gluing, a little wonky, and not quite completed here is my very first project with my Silhouette Cameo!  I'm so dang excited! I'd cut out a couple of things since getting this for Christmas but hadn't really done anything with it.  I know it looks a bit odd sitting on its head like that but the upside down version just wasn't working for me. Hehe.

I am no cutting machine pro, at least not yet. I can't believe, I was just so tickled with how easy my machine was to use. Plus, the file from SVGCUTS were a breeze to work with. These guys do some amazing work over there I got a little stuck getting my files to cut but I went to the blog found Leo's step by step for the Silhouette with Studio Designer Edition software and I was good to go. AWESOME!!!

My biggest problem was getting to excited I think, and trying to go to fast. I thought I had everything together and then I realized that I wasn't gluing my base together the correct way. That is very important. Honey also asked me  why I was only using white card stock and I had to let him know that I really wanted to know how the thing went together before I committed pretty paper to it. But to make him happy, I decorated it a bit so it wouldn't be a ghost balloon.
 I'll have this finished this afternoon after I get home and then get some (better) shots of the completed balloon, right side up, and with info on what I used to gussy it up.

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