Short Post and 30 days of Lists

Saturday, March 16, 2013

#1 I'm a Lister because...

Well I ran across the 30 days of Lists last year at the end of March and was hoping it would come around again this year and it did. Yippee for me! Of course, I forgot about it till I ran across it again yesterday, and since we are only halfway through the month I though I go ahead and add it to my plate. (Of course I am)
Of course, I was reading the list of prompts last night before I went to sleep and I thought theses would be fairly easy to get out.
So here goes, why do I list.
#1  It makes me feel good to cross things off.
#2 I feel more productive. (actually I am more productive.)
#3 I make me feel more organized and under control.
#4 I am less inclined to forget things. (usually)
#5 I follow through with more things. For example, if I make a list of what I'm cooking for dinner during the week(my weekly menu) it usually happens AND my husband and I eat far better than when we were grabbing fast food daily.

That's it for now. I'm slowly but surely working through my craft project list and will have some pictures of a couple projects later today.

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