A Rant on Thursdays, and a List.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Some people hate Monday morning, I'm not too fond of them as well cause I feel like I'm just getting into the groove of the weekend when it comes to a screeching halt, but Thursdays are worse. Much worse.

Being a business owner with a couple of employees means we have responsibilities to other people not just ourselves. I get that. People want to get paid. I get that as well, but I digress. In order to get payroll done and out the door is sometimes really like pulling teeth and it wears me out to no end. Thursdays are the bane of my existence and if there is ANYthing else scheduled on a Thursday I can't guarantee that I'll make it there. I don't check e-mails most of the day, forget checking in on Facebook. Nothing fun happens on a Thursday. See? I really don't like them.
So in an effort to deal with Thursdays since I can't cut them out of my life and they seem to single-handedly mess up my week. I have taken action against them. I'm now getting up earlier every (other) day of the week. I'm having dinner ready to cook when I get home so it's not such a daunting task and I don't end up begging Honey to order Pizza. They are little things, but dang the day seems so out of control sometimes. Like it has a mind of its own and I do have the rest of my week fairly under control.

On that note, here is my list from yesterday, and if anyone is interested since I started on the lists in the middle of the month, when it comes to an end I'll continue with the beginning of the list.

List #21 Today's (or rather Yesterdays) weather reminds me of

#1 Early Spring. Yippee, the weather is back to normal a bit. Not that I don't like how lovely it's been but I'm not ready for summer yet.
#2 Green. Everywhere. Green things are sprouting like crazy.
#3 Being at my folks place, out in the country.
#4 The smell of moist dirt, from the garden.
#5 Cut grass.

I think that about it for now.Wish me luck though, next week I have a Quickbooks Payroll class all day on Thursday so my payroll day will need to move to Wednesday. 

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